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Based on 16 reviews
Like the sheets very much

So far we like the sheets very much

No more waking up and fixing your fitted sheets!

I live this invention. The sheets are super comfortable and look very nice. The beddingo velcro holds the sheets in place very strongly. I am possessed by some sort of monster when I am asleep and I used to have to retighten at least two corners every morning. Not anymore! I cant wait for these guys to grow even more as I plan to put these on the other beds in my home and gift for the holiday season.

Great idea and a savior for someone that moves a lot

Very nice sheets and an ingenious idea. It is so nice to wake up with the fitted sheet not half off the bed. Super easy to install on the bed and it also makes the job of putting the sheets in even easier. Love the product and can’t wait to see how they expand the business.