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Hotel and guest-house managers, after 100 years without innovation in the world of bedding and after in-depth research and testing, we have invented innovative bed sheets that upgrades the bed sheets changing experience.

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Beddingo at Waldorf Astoria - Hilton

Changing bed sheets

One of the most difficult tasks in preparing a hotel room. It involves re-lifting the mattress over and over again, which most of us have a hard time with and can also lead to frustration and even injuries.

Furthermore, when the guest removes the blanket to get into bed, the final result - the appearance of the tidy bed, does not usually look like in the pictures on the hotel website, let alone the appearance of the bed in the morning:

And this is in case the sheet managed to stay on the mattress, which often does not happen.

Changing bed sheets is a time consuming task

Especially for a housekeeper who needs to be able to organize more rooms and allow guests to check in earlier than expected thus providing quality and more enjoyable accommodation.

Beddingo Sheets solve all these problems

An upgraded combination of a flat sheet and a fitted sheet.

An innovative patent-protected solution, consisting of

Beddingo Base

An elastic band that wraps around the mattress, with velcro in each of the 4 corners, which serve as an 'anchor' for the Beddingo Sheet.

Beddingo Sheet

Beddingo Sheet is quite similar in appearance to a regular sheet. Its upgrades are:
A. Its shape, which creates a clean and smooth look on the mattress.
B. Elastic rubber only on the edges of its corners, and its shape has been adjusted to look perfect from any angle.
C. A Velcro strip on each of the 4 corners of Beddingo Sheet makes it simple to attach and detach it to the mattress.

No hustle

Instead of lifting the mattress and tucking the sheet under it, Beddingo Sheet attaches to the corners of the mattress in seconds, without the effort of lifting it, and looks great.

Unlike regular, flat or fitted sheet, Beddingo Sheet corners don't pop off, so the sheet will also stay on the mattress in the morning.

Velcro as a raw material is very durable - and will hold much more than 10,000 connections and disconnects.

Looks amazing

With Beddingo Sheets, even an average housekeeper, new or at the end of the shift, will produce a finished and perfect product in seconds - a clean, smooth, luxurious and ready-to-accommodate bed.

Changing sheets with Beddingo Sheet takes half the time it takes to replace a regular bed sheet:

Beddingo Sheets saves a significant amount in laundry - can save more than its cost!

Because Beddingo Sheet does not have to fit under the mattress, it does not have the extra fabric that usually just lies under the mattress and is therefore about 15% lighter than a flat sheet and about 6% lighter than a fitted sheet.

Try and multiply all its laundry by these percentages and you will very quickly get huge savings in money, not to mention contributing to the environment: less electricity, water and detergents.

We sell a full bedding set, and offer 3 different types of fabric.

Beyond that, we are developing additional patented bedding products and technological tools that will upgrade the entire onboarding and ordering process and make it simpler and more accurate.

We have already started collecting prizes for our product:

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