How Beddingo Started

Easier bed sheets changing

A while ago my mom asked me if I could think of something that will make changing sheets easier, because lifting the mattress is just too heavy for her and the corner keep popping off.

As an algorithm engineer who loves (and getting payed for) solving problems and riddles, although from a different field (more mathematical and AI related), I took upon myself the mission, because what's more important than making mom happy?

So, after lots of thinking, experiments and prototypes, the improved bed sheet was ready, and it works amazing!
Mom said it's even better than what she had in mind.
Word got out and I was getting a lot of orders without even any plans to sell.
I decided to go for it, and went on a quest to find the best fabrics for my unique patent. It took some time, but I found it and that's how Beddingo started.

Hope you'll enjoy Beddingo too :)

Beddingo base and sheets put on gif step by step