How Beddingo works?

There are 2 parts: a base and a sheet

Beddingo Base

An elastic band you put on your mattress only before the first use. Beddingo Base comes with our starter set and you buy it only once.

Beddingo Sheet

After the Base in on the mattress, there's no need to lift the mattress ever again. Beddingo Sheet attach and detach easily by hook and loop fasteners that sewn to its corners, so it's also never pop off the mattress.

Changing sheets doesn't have to be difficult

Beddingo Base instructions

Stand at the foot of the bed and unfold Beddingo Base. Begin with the mattress corner on your right - A in the picture.


Take the corner of Beddingo Base with the logo on it and lift up corner A of the mattress. Fit Beddingo Base over it, so that the gray side with the logo faces out from the bed. Diagonal Band 1 - should be under the mattress and diagonal Band 2 - should be on top of the mattress, as shown in the picture.


It is best to have another person with you so that they can hold this corner in place while you move on to the next one. Do the same with the far corner (corner B in the image below), so that the tension between corners A and B of Beddingo Base will keep it in place. You can then move on to the other corners.


Make sure that each corner of Beddingo Base is positioned centrally around the mattress corner it is covering.


Once installed, Beddingo Base will remain around the mattress and doesn’t need to be removed.

Three tips for making your bed with Beddingo sheets


Don’t spend ages on the first corner of the sheet, as it just acts as an initial anchor. When you finish the other corners, you can go back to the first one and fix it so that it looks perfect :)


Wash before first use (only the bedding, not the Base)


There’re "LONG SIDE" and "SHORT SIDE" labels for easy changing.